Extensive experience

Aquatherm is greatly experienced in using European sealants to stop leakages in heating and water supply systems, sewerage, and swimming pools. Based on their experience, our chemists have developed a line of sealants to repair leakages in engineering systems with durable and flexible seals in leakage points.


Aquatherm offers its AQUASTOP liquid sealants to stop leakages in heating and water supply systems, sewers and swimming pools. Our specialists have extensive experience across the entire AQUASTOP line. For more information, please contact the company's specialists


We recommend consulting our specialist before purchasing AQUASTOP sealants. We are always happy to provide technical support for our products.


Aquatherm guarantees that its sealants will cope with most types of leakages in engineering systems, provided that the user manual is followed. AQUASTOP sealants are safe for the equipment if used correctly.



AQUASTOP sealants are available on our website, ALIEXPRESS.com, Оzon.ru and YandexMarket

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