AQUADETECTOR Green instructions

AQUADETECTOR-fluorescent dye (red or green) to track and detect places of fluid leaks in (pools, jacuzzi, sewer systems, heating and water supply, etc.), and the determination of the flows in wastewater, analysis of the nature of the dispersion, analysis diffusion, analysis of overflow, testing of discharge, study of temporary fluid flows and its speed.

The AQUADETECTOR does not leave spots on clothes, concrete and other designs, is non -toxic and amenable to biological decomposition.

The AQUADETECTOR does not harm nature in the study of ponds and reservoirs, as well as fish and plants located there.

Testing methods: a visual – aquetector has a pronounced red or green color, using an ultraviolet lamp 395NM (examinations with an ultraviolet lamp is carried out during dimming), as well as a fluorimeter for liquid samples. We recommend that you pre -examine the intended places of IT leaks with an ultraviolet lamp. d. for the presence of extraneous pollution.

The ratio of mixing the aquetroter with the tested liquid 1: 500 to 1: 1000, the ratio depends on the specific test conditions.

Protect from frost!

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